Hayat Orients حياة اورينتس

HOTEL Hayat Orients Project

Related to Dr. AbdulKhalek AlYehia AlHaj Mahmoud
Mr. AbdulBaset Yehia

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1-Presentation of Project:
2- Components of the project :
3 – Location of the project :
4- The Aims of the Project:
5- The concerned side to execute the project :
6- The technical aspect for execution the project :
7- Employment Opportunities:
8- Time table and execution of the project works :

Tourism occupies a significant place in international and Arab countries. Aleppo takes its place as one of the foremost important cities owing to its culture and heritage. As tourism tends to serve most classes of society, the AlYehia group has intended to take an active role in developing this aspect and to fulfill the vision by developing a tourist hotel of first class quality with the assistance of a special (or specially commissioned) architect and an enchanting site providing all kinds of services for Arabs and foreigners alike who are either residing here or expatriates.

This hotel is located in the heart of Aleppo city and our study involved the hotels and flats which contain 5000 beds. Aleppo is presently in need of 23000 beds for the city is a distinguished commercial center increasingly attracting tourism as we have found that the hospitalityl services are proportionally increasing whether for tourists, athletes or business people.

To achieve this increasing demand we should have tourism projects and develop carefully studied economical plans to provide the needs of travellers and tourists as alongside the businessmen which have to be characterized with bold and clear vision bearing the banner of hope to enable our country to compete with international development and regional economy as tourism is destined to play a substantial role in shaping our national income.

We have taken great deliberation and accuracy to have the project succeed and have counted on the objective economical analysis and view we reached on this market and financial study indicating all necessary elements have been included for a successful outcome.

1-Presentation of Project :

The project lies on the real estate No. /822/ in Ansari – Aleppo before the international Stadium (the Sport city) overlooking the Olympic swimming pool which can be seen by the incomers to Aleppo via Damascus high way at the right side of the West Muhallak road. We aim to construct a hotel of 4 stars taking the name of HAYAT ORIENT consisting of 12 levels; 100 rooms, 150 beds with 3 three restaurants, one boasts a panoramic view of Aleppo and a sports club fulfilling the needs of visitors and hotel guests.

2- Components of the project :

– Floor /-3/ Health club consisting of Jacuzzi , sauna and steam room and massage room and others , with an inner staircase (linked to) central kitchen, shelter, workers changing room, heating and air conditioning room, reserve electric generator. Laundry and ironing room .
– Floor /-2/It is a vehicles parking for /27/ cars + guard room . Cars could be reached through a lift at the corner -west north.
– Floor /-1/ It is a night club restaurant floor with lunch and dinner equipped with banqueting area, bar and administration.
– Ground floor :contains reception and lobby , cafe bare, terrace and administration offices .
– Sanitary floor: workshop floor + administration offices ,business centre and commercial areas.
Six floors from level 2 to 7 : lodged above the workshop floor containing the bedrooms. Each floor has 17 bedrooms which contains 25 beds and are divided as: 1 suite (2 beds) + 3 juniors suite (each one has 2 beds)+8 double rooms and 1 single room . The total rooms number in the hotel is 17 rooms x 6 levels =102 rooms with 150 beds .
– the last floor : includes a panoramic restaurant metallic and transparent with three sides of view on the playgrounds, equipped with catering facilities offering lunch and evening dinner meals.

3 – Location of the project :

The project is located in Aleppo city at the western region where there is the AlAkramieh region on two main streets of width 20 m. The building is placed at the north of Hamdanieh play ground overlooking directly onto the international swimming pool and the second by- street of width 12 m .the overlooking side is western. The travellers of Damascus –Aleppo can see it on the right of the road.

4- The Aims of the Project

There are several important reasons for setting the tourism facility such as:
A – Growing demand on the hospitality services and the growing shortage of such facilities in Aleppo. It is known to have only 5000 beds in the hotels of 3-4-5 stars and the hostel flats in 2007 in which there is a demand for a minimum 20-23-thousand beds.
B – Shortage of closed luxurious restaurants properly served.
C – Increase of businessmen and superior officials and tourists.
D – Increase of athletic teams coming to the sports ground which lies in front of the hotel directly which include football play ground for 15000 people and 75000 spectators and a basket ball playground and swimming pool and tennis playground and due to the reason that the hotel lies in front of the sport city directly this of course shall take the role of premier host of sporting events, conferences and celebration parties.

5- the concerned side to execute the project :

The concerned side to execute the project is AlYehia Group as this company will construct a commercial mall called HAYAT MALL lies on the high way of Aleppo- Damascus near the (SOS) as this mall is regarded the largest one in the middle east. It is registered in the commercial record under No. /19028/ dated 1 June 2006 AD.

6- The technical aspect for execution the project :

It is noteworthy that the best and most prominent companies shall take a role in executing the reinforced concrete and steel work, furniture and hostelry services firms, marketing and advertisement and other matters Electricity, sanitary, insulation and granite and natural stones etc.) We are determined to have the best execution of the facility in the shortest possible time. Supervision shall be made by the engineering study office and supervision on the execution of the project altogether. These offices shall receive the execution of the works from all executing companies successively.

7- Employment Opportunities :

The financing company has provided to the project /116/ opportunities for permanent basis employment as it will be stated later as related to cars and salaries chapter.

8- Time table and execution of the project works :

A time table has been set for the execution of works for eighteen months that is one year and a half as will be stated later, advertisement works shall start and order of material requirements will be fixed as from getting the final license which shall be handed over in time within the steps to come later. Each in turn as (furnishing and fittings – fixed and mobile décor, lifts and catering facilities, central heating and air conditioning devices .

Assessment table of the needed investment for the project:

Particulars Value in Syrian pounds Total
Fixed capital 489,727,909 Syr. P.
Working Capital 152,815,390 Syr. p.
Invested capital 642,543,299 Syr.P 642,543,299 Syr.P