Hayat Mall الحياة مول


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Located in Khan alasal area At Aleppo-Damascus Highway

The historians in majority have admitted that Syria is an international center commercially and economically all along the ages linking the east with west passing with the silk road .This rank has not taken in past and present just for nothing but had all powers of success and qualifications.

Through a good look on our contemporary fact we see that our societies are in bad need of comprehensive economical and commercial movement on all levels represented by the fruitful ,daring and effectual projects which bears the banner of hope so that our country will cope with the demographic , and regional and international economy which are growing very fast.

The grand economical and distinguished and carefully studied projects are land- marks for the development of aggrandized economy which comes as a response of the money invested in a good and beneficial manner and in a fertile and virgin land.

Most vital projects are the commercial markets on universal level matching and simulating the international markets in Aleppo city for this deep –rooted city which is singled out in this field . Aleppo has the capacity to absorb the largest projects which will yield to our country all the best.

On the light of this fact we have decided to establish such projects which has the capacity to be fruitful commercial centers to attract the tourists to Aleppo city for its historic and natural contribution .

As we are keen to have this project succeed we have relied on the tranquil economical analysis with objective view .As such the economical analysis in our hands ,though it needs some linguistic and literary polishing, but still in its objectiveness and accuracy related to figures will be right convincing and will meets elements of success.


1-Presentation of the Project :

Building a distinguished commercial and tourism center taking the name of HAYAT MALL on a spot of land of 47457 Sq.m .Since a very long time there were commercial markets containing all kinds of commodities and with development of man these markets developed in an attractive way to become a spectacular land mark to match with the international movement.

The idea of building such a complex is to link the past with the present and future which shall be constructed on a land of /47457 /Sq.m combining all commercial activities as:

  1. Hyper grand market
  2. Exposition galleries of all kinds of items (furniture – cars ,and etc..)
  3. Shops and kiosks to sell items .
  4. Restaurants and Cafeteria and children play grounds .
  5. W.C ,mosque and polyclinic .
  6. Car parking for 1000 cars approx.

All shall provide to the visitor his requirements starting from a sewing needle to a car .It is the meetings of families and friends to provide all kinds of facilities and rest.

1- Location of the project :

HAYAT MALL is located on the axis of Aleppo – Damascus road afar from the center of the city 10 KM. and the round about 5 Km . The land lies on the left of the high way of Aleppo –Damascus adjacent to Assad wood from the east and from the north the green area which separates the facility from the high way along the front side of 200 m.

2- Aims of the project and component :

As stated the project aims to set a special commercial market as to be singled out extending with the ground floor on an area of 34368 Sq.m. An area of 20073 sq.m is used for various galleries , shops and coffee houses and an area of 14295 sq. m aisles for pedestrians , yards and mezzanines with lower floor of 17137 sq. m approx. used of that 10747 sq. m for hypermarket and exposition galleries ,shops and coffee houses of area 6663 sq. m aisles and yards , parking covered with an area of 7000 sq.m ( this area is found due to the inclination of land) . with an area of 7000 sq. m( this is an area is seen for the inclination of land ).containing 350 cars and unclosed parking of 7000 sq. m for 350 cars and a first floor covered with an area of 17109 sq. m . 9039 sq. m is used for restaurants and children play ground , domes and aisles and mezzanine of 8070 sq. m and an area of 17259 sq. m this is a climber area covered with tents and unclosed to coffee houses and entertainments . Hence , the total invested area of floors is 92873 sq.m

In addition to feasibility of getting use of the ground floor in which interposed by domes and transparent ceilings to view on the internal; part of the mall . There is a kind of study to invest the front wood which is between the mall and Aleppo- Damascus high way of 200 m. long and 150 . width to be planted with flowers , meadow ,cataracts and resting with parking for 300 cars so to impart on the site splendor and grace. The inner areas of the mall are 68614 sq.m divided in to two parts :

a- 29128 sq. m is the area including the storehouses , adminstraiton , heating and conditioning rooms, kiosks , commercial corners , aisles which are opened in the three floors and above the transparent ceilings ,mezzanine and round yards opened for the three floors with upper part the transparent domes of 36 m diameter.

b- an area of 39486 sq.m for all commercial professions ( jewel dresses – watches – fabrics – shoes –electronics …etc.) beside commercial halls for various purposes (furniture – cars – etc…) oriental and western restaurants , fast food , children games – etc. with hyper market one is of 4000 sq.m and mosque , dispensary , three sets of W.C for each floor the inner and outer coating is of excellent décor to suit each location and kind of product on the account of the investors under the supervision of the mall adminstraiton .Also there is the roof of the ground floor of 17259 sq.m for the restaurants and coffee houses and entertainment city.

The roof is viewing to the wood and Aleppo-Damasc-highway intervened with the transparent domes and ceilings overlooking on two floors in which the customers could make shopping , have their meals and drinks , entertain and enjoy the internal sceneries in a nice conditioned place.

3- The concerned side to execute the project :

The concerned side to execute the project and to finance is AlYehia group under the name of HAYAT MALL whose No in the commercial record is /19028/ dated 1st of June 2006.

4- The technical aspect to execute the project :

Most prominent companies will be dealt with specialized people to execute the reinforced concrete and steel works , furniture and advertisement and other companies dealing with electrical works ,hydro works , insulations , granite and stone…etc.. so as to have best quality in a very short time .Supervision will be conducted by an engineering study office and supervising office who will receive the works from all executing companies.

5 chances of work :

The mall shall open its doors at 8 A.M and closes at 12 Mid night that is 12 hours of work as two shifts.

1- The financing company has provided to the mall 124 chances of ermanent work as stated in the salary and transport chapter.

2- The chances of work through investors as the working hours of the mall takes 16 hours , The investor could not stay all this time so to calculate the number of workers needed for /39486/ sq.m the allocated part for investment + 3000 sq.m the deducted areas from the yards and the wide internal passages are used for commercial purposes as café , shops and galleries .hence the area set for investment is 42486 sq.m ÷ 35 sq. m average of investment area x 1 worker = 1214 workers.

3- Added to it 120 kiosk x 1 worker – 120 workers.

4- The roof and the coffee houses /15/ x 12 worker = 180 summer workers ÷ 4 seasons = 45 annual worker.

5- Children plays on roof covered with tents of sq.m with 28 workers hence the number of chances of work : 124 +1214+120+45 +28 = 1533 worker or chance as minimum reach 2500 chances of work.

6- Time table and execution of work :

It has been agreed with largest executing companies for digging and concrete ,steel and coating and a time table is set for the execution for /96/ weeks .The propaganda starts with order of all needed materials of constant and mobile from the date of getting the final license of the project and would be received per subsequent stages as each according to his stage.

An Assessment table needed for the project :

Description of fixed capital Value in Syrian pounds Total
1 – LAND 2,135,565,000
2 – BUILDING 1,471.297.540
3 -Equipment & Devices 292.417.800
4 -Consumption cost 30,000,000
5 -Licenses & Eng. studies 60.491.200
6 -Service vehicles 18 000.000
7 -Fixed capital 4,007.771 ,540
8 -Working capital (variable and fixed cost ) 182.011,281
Total invested costs (ie the invested capital ) =7+8 4,189,782,821 syr.p || 1 USD = 50 Syr.P

Assessment of net profits of the project :

Total annual net income=total incomes–total variable &fixed costs

1,131,129,719 =1,313,141,000 –(45,209.413+136,801,868)

1,131,129,719=1,313,141,000-182,011,281Syrian pounds net profit ,

Financial and Economical Indices of the project :

1- the ratio of net profits to the working whole incomes

1,131,129,719÷1,313,141,000 = 86,14 %

2- Index of period of refunding the capital :

(4,189,782,821)÷(1,131,129,719+27,822,133)=2,76 years two years

and nine months is in fact a short period relatively and regarded

reasonable and logical compare with big capitals .

3- Average of incomings ( revenues) on investments :

Total net profits :

(1,131,129,719+ 27,822.133 ) ÷ (4,189,782,821)= 36,15 %

As indicated ,this project is considered AS the most successful projects .

May God Help


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